Dissertation binding

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Each applicant writing a dissertation must know precisely the requirements for its design. This will help to avoid many problems. The final stage of the study design is the cover of the thesis, which allows you to put together separately printed sheets of work.

The binding of the dissertation research is carried out after the text of the work itself is brought to perfection: checked, and edited, taking into account all the comments. Before ordering a binding, you must make sure that your work meets all the requirements.

The dissertation is stitched in a hard binding, which is reliable for:

  • Manuscript connections into one;
  • Protection against mechanical damage;
  • Pollution prevention;
  • Extended life;
  • Long-term storage;
  • Usability.

An interlaced dissertation can be freely expanded and turned over; sheets cannot be removed or replaced from it.

As an element of the decoration, the thesis binding also has an aesthetic function. Thanks to the binding your scientific work will transform from a thick stack of sheets into a book. Such a thesis has a fully completed look, and it is pleasant to take it in hand.

The binding of the thesis is ordered in the printing house. For this purpose, ready-made special hardcovers are used. They can be chosen from different materials: cardboard, PVC, leatherette, etc. Usually, the total cost of the whole procedure includes the cover and the work of a specialist (gluing, flashing, cutting sheets, etc.). For the binding, both pre-printed, and on removable media are accepted.

Before binding, make sure that the manuscript is correctly folded: all pages must be numbered, go in a right order, have paragraph indents and margins according to the requirements (top and bottom margins – 20 mm each, left – 25 mm, paragraph – the same throughout the text, equal to 5 characters).

Due to the binding, the thesis turns into a single holistic document and has a solid appearance, which significantly prolongs the life of your scientific work. Therefore, the job of the applicant is to make sure that the binding of his work is durable and of high quality.