Dissertation defense PowerPoint part 2

When shown something on table slides, it is necessary to explain what the columns correspond to, and what the lines correspond to. If in the master’s thesis, new concepts, terms or designations were introduced, then when they are mentioned in the speech, their meaning should be disclosed. The report should exclude all long sentences. Rehearse at home, see which text is hard to pronounce and requires an extended reading.

On the last slide, you should briefly present the conclusions obtained during the writing of the master’s thesis, what you have previously reported. They should not be read, but it is necessary to offer some general conclusions on the results of writing a master’s thesis.

How long can it take to prepare a presentation

Preparation of speech, presentation, and its structure depends on the duration of the speech, the number of slides, as well as the degree of readiness of the illustrative material.

If you think that some words or phrases in the presentation should be highlighted, then you can mark them with a different color on the slide. So they immediately rush to the audience. However, this should not be abused.

After completing the presentation, do not forget to thank the audience for the opportunity to speak in front of them.

How to make a presentation for a master’s thesis

The structure of the scientific presentation should include the following provisions:

  • what tasks were set;
  • how the task was solved earlier in other works;
  • by what criteria was the quality of the task solution evaluated;
  • what is the purpose of this master’s work;
  • What are the main results of the writing process?
  • The last slide should list the main results of the work.

The method of construction is as follows:

  • What will you present on the slide?
  • What will you say on defense when you show this slide?
  • Does the information presented on this slide contribute to the disclosure of the main idea of ​​the whole report?
  • Which phrase will make the transition to the next slide?

If you follow our recommendations, your presentation will be best.

Dissertation defense PowerPoint

The speech should be designed for 7 minutes (the requirements of the university is to make about 2-3 pages of text for protection). For the speech, it is necessary to prepare a presentation or handouts that will illustratively complement the expression. Do not forget to connect your speech with powerpoint slides. Speech and materials presented in powerpoint should be the same in meaning. Do not hurry when speaking.

Inaccurate presentation of slides, errors in the words in the powerpoint program or handouts can significantly affect the assessment of the speaker.

Download various university presentations to see samples of their design.

On the title page in the powerpoint program or the handouts, the students should write the topic of the master’s thesis, as well as the name and initials of the undergraduate. It is necessary to indicate the surname and initials of the supervisor and the institution of higher education where the institution is held. If in the future you will speak at conferences, then on the title page you should also indicate the name of the conference, the training course, the magistracy, the university (institute) and the date of its holding.

Do not write just text on the slides. This will only complicate the protection. If you present the text in the presentation or handouts, then follow the rule: you can do no more than ten lines on the slide. The overload of materials with text may leave the impression that the undergraduate’s performance is poorly prepared. Each slide should have its title, for example, “Future Economy,” “High Rating,” “Dissertation Council and Candidate Exam,” etc.

A common mistake of a candidate for a master’s degree is to read every slide. It is best of all if definitions, figures, graphs, tables, theorems, or formulas are presented on the slide. The master student should simply explain their meaning, tell the methodology of their calculation and the method of compilation.

It is not necessary to pronounce the formulas, theorems, or graphs presented in the handouts in detail.

Slides should be switched at a speed of 1-2 minutes. For small graphs or drawings, changing two slides per minute is permissible.

Key definitions and their methodology presented on slides require special attention.